TMCH TREx (Trademark Registry Exchange)

The TMCH has entered into agreement with individual Registry operators that want to offer an extra layer of brand protection to trademark holders in their TLD. Through the TMCH interface, the TREx protection for the trademark holders is executed as a single product across a bundle of different TREx TLDs.

The TREx Service is only available for sunrise eligible TMCH trademark records registered through a TMCH agent. The coverage however will grow in phases, as the TMCH will continue to upgrade the reach of the TREx annually by adding additional TLD’s. These will not be limited to new gTLDs, but will also include ccTLDs and legacy TLDs.

The initial bundle of TREx will cover a total of 40 TLD’s:
.bayern, .beer, .boston, .capetown, .casa, .cat, .cologne, .cooking, .de, .durban, .earth, .eus, .fashion, .fishing, .fit, .frl, .garden, .gal, .horse, .joburg, .koeln, .la, .london, .miami, .moe, .nrw, .osaka, .quebec, .rodeo, .ruhr, .scot, .surf, .tirol, .tube, .vip, .vodka, .wedding, .wien, .work & .yoga.


The TMCH TREx is designed to limit the exposure of a trademarked name that is still generally available in a specific set of TLD’s. Therefore, it does not cover names that were already registered prior to the activation of the TREx service. Similarly, names that are premium priced or reserved from registration at the registry level are exempted. However, the TMCH does inform you of the applicable coverage before opting in to the service.

Once you have opted in to the TREx Service, the TMCH will inform you of any changes to the coverage; either when a TLD has been added to the TREx coverage or a name has been released via an override to a regristrant with similar verified rights.

Please contact your TMCH agent today to sign up to TREx or reach out to TMCH support for more information.