What about device/image marks?

The Clearinghouse Guidelines state:

For marks that do not exclusively consist of letters, words, numerals, special characters:

The recorded name of the Trademark is an identical match to the reported name as long as the name of the Trademark includes letters, words, numerals, keyboard signs, and punctuation marks (“Characters”) that are:

  • predominant
  • clearly separable or distinguishable from the device element;
  • and all predominant characters are included in the Trademark Record submitted to the Clearinghouse in the same order they appear in the mark.

In the event that there is any doubt about the order in which the characters appear, the description provided by the Trademark office will prevail. In the event no description is provided, such Trademarks will be allocated to a Deloitte internal team of specialists with thorough knowledge of both national and regional trademark law who will conduct independent research on how the Trademark is used, e.g. check website, or they may request that the Trademark Holder or Trademark Agent provide additional documentary evidence on how the Trademark is used.