I am a Registry Operator who described a launch plan in my application for my TLD. How does that affect me if I apply for an Approved Launch Program?

If a Registry Operator applies to ICANN to conduct an Approved Launch Program that would implement programs set forth in its application for the TLD, there will be a presumption that the Launch Program will be allowed so long as it was set forth in reasonable detail in the application for the TLD so as to allow for meaningful review and public comment of the plan at the time the application was posted. A Registry Operator who seeks the benefit of this presumption must state with specificity the relevant portions of its TLD application that describe the launch program as well as detail how the applied for program in its Approved Launch Program application compares to the launch program described in its TLD application. ICANN will review the Approved Launch Program application, as well as any public comments submitted in response to the program described in the TLD application, and may reject the Approved Launch Application if ICANN reasonably determines that such requested registration program could contribute to consumer confusion or the infringement of intellectual property rights.


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