Can I still correct my trademark record after receiving the "invalid" status?

No, once your trademark record has been set to "invalid", you can no longer correct the trademark record.

However, the Trademark Clearinghouse allows Trademark Agents and Holders with a prepaid account to purchase an additional correction through the TMCH interface. This allows prepaid accounts to correct invalidated trademark records (either because errors are still present or because the correction time of 35 days has elapsed).

You can purchase the additional correction chance by navigating to the invalidated trademark record from the "Mark overview" page and clicking on button "Additional correction" below the status.

Prepaid accounts will be able to modify either the trademark name or the trademark registration number, not both. For this service a fixed amount of 75 USD per correction will be deducted directly from the prepaid account. The additional correction is only available until 30 days before the trademark record expiry.

For further details on the additional correction, please refer to our one pager on extra corrections.



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