I am a Registry Operator who indicated in my application that my TLD would be a geographic TLD. What are my options with respect to Approved Launch Programs?

A Registry Operator who indicated that its TLD would be a geographic TLD can apply to conduct an Approved Launch Program just like any other Registry Operator. In addition, if geographic TLD Registry Operators and representatives of the Intellectual Property Constituency recommend to ICANN the creation of a registration program that sets forth a defined list of labels or categories of labels that geographic TLDs may Allocate or register to third parties prior to or during a Sunrise Period, and ICANN accepts and implements such recommendation, there will be a presumption of approval for geographic TLDs that thereafter apply for that program. However, ICANN will still review the application and may reject the application if ICANN reasonably determines that such requested registration program could contribute to consumer confusion or the infringement of intellectual property rights. Neither the IPC nor any Registry Operator is required to have these discussions, but Registry Operators will always be allowed to individually apply to conduct an Approved Launch Program as discussed above.



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