How can I change the name of the mark via the API?

Please be aware that changes to trademark records (other than uploading a Proof of Use document or adding/removing labels) are only possible when the trademark record has been assigned the "incorrect" status.

To update the name of a mark, you need to follow the next steps in the exact order and in separate commands:

  • Update the name of the mark (and other fields if necessary) by using the command as described in our manual. After executing the command to change the name of the mark, the existing labels attached to the trademark record will be automatically removed (Note: This is not an action, it will be done automatically).
  • Add the labels you want, if any, to the trademark record (if you do not perform this step, no labels will be attached to the trademark record) The number of labels you can attach to the trademark record is either the number of labels originally attached to the trademark record, or 10 labels. Whichever amount is the largest. Keep in mind that adding labels is not possible when a trademark record is being verified or when it is expired.
  • Please refer to our documentation on the API commands for more detailed information, available in the Downloads section.



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