Which information does a SMD file contain?

You can open your SMD file with your favorite text editor (e.g. notepad in Windows or textedit in Mac OS X). At the top of the file, there are five lines that are human-readable (the information in these five lines is also encoded in the SMD FILE). These five lines indicate:

  • The Mark this SMD FILE refers to (e.g. Marks: Example One)
  • A unique identifier (e.g. smdID: 1-2)
  • The labels that you can use to register domain names (e.g. U-labels: example-one, exampleone)
  • The start of validity of the SMD file (e.g. notBefore: 2011-08-16 09:00)
  • The end of validity of the SMD file (e.g. notAfter: 2012-08-16 09:00)


Between the SMD file boundaries (-----BEGIN ENCODED SMD----- and -----END ENCODED SMD-----) the actual SMD file is encoded. You should not modify your SMD file, as you may render the SMD file invalid. You can send your SMD file by email or attach the contents to a legal agreement.

  • the Nice classification (if applicable) and detailed description of goods and services of your trademark [encoded];
  • contact information of yourself , if you use a holder account, or contact information  of your trademark agent, you are using one [encoded].


The contents of an SMD file are similar to this:

 Marks: Example One

   smdID: 1-2

   U-labels: example-one, exampleone

   notBefore: 2011-08-16 09:00

   notAfter: 2012-08-16 09:00

   -----BEGIN ENCODED SMD-----






   -----END ENCODED SMD-----



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