How can I register for a Prepaid Account?

You can sign up on our website. After going through the registration process, a minimum deposit of 15,000 USD (Gold Account) or 5,000 USD (Silver Account) is required to activate the Prepaid Account.

These funds are immediately and entirely available for registering trademarks. There is no limit on the number of trademarks that may be registered, as long as the account has sufficient funds. Only wire transfers are accepted, and the wiring party will bear any applicable or associated transaction and currency conversion costs. These funds can be used entirely for registering trademark records for the entire duration of the contract. If you decide to terminate your Agent contract, the remainder will be reimbursed to your bank account in case you have opted for the minimum initial deposit of 15,000 USD but not if you have opted for the minimum initial deposit of 5,000 USD.

Please refer to our Detailed Fee Structure, available in the Downloads section on our website, for more detailed information.


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