How much do I need to pay to become an Agent?

The initial minimum amount that must be deposited into a Prepayment Account before you will be eligible to submit a Trademark Record depends of the type of account you have selected.

If you opt for a Silver Account, the minimum deposit will be 5,000 USD. The Silver Account is only available to Trademark Agents. If you opt for a Silver Account, the remainder of the initial deposit will be non-refundable upon termination of your contract.

If you opt for a Gold account, the minimum deposit will be 15,000 USD. The remainder of this initial deposit will be refundable if you terminate your account. This amount can be used entirely for registering trademark records for the entire duration of the contract. When you terminate your agent contract, the remainder is reimbursed to your bank account, so there is no loss. If you opt as an Agent for a Gold Account, you will have the possibility to be listed in the list of the Official Agents of the Clearinghouse available at You will also have the possibility to receive marketing materials from the Clearinghouse.


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