What does the status "Not protected" mean?

After the activation of the TREx protection on a specific label, you will be able to see if the related domain names are 'protected' or 'not protected'.

When 'protected', TREx protection is active on the related domain name. 

When 'not protected', TREx protection is not active on the related domain name. Multiple reasons can justify this situation and are highlighted in the 'Comment' column:

  • 'Registered': this domain name was already registered prior to the TREx protection.
  • 'Exempt': this domain name is exempt from the TREx protection as the Registry has other mechanisms in place to restrict this from general registration (e.g. premium pricing, rights verification,...).
  • 'Override': this domain name was released from the TREx protection through an override procedure.
  • 'Other': other causes which impact the TREx protection.



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